Senin, 09 Juni 2008

The spotted owl The



It’s kingdom is Animalia.
There phylum after kingdom is Chordata.
After phylum is class and its class is Aves.
There order are Strigiformesa and their family is called Strigidae.
Their genus is called strix./Users/grade3/Desktop/images.jpeg
The species and subspecies was caled S. occidentalie and S.o. caurina.

There diet is primarily nocturnal and it cosists mainly woodrats and flying squirrels.
They also eat small mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects.


Senin, 12 Mei 2008

Jordaan pool news

Breaking news

Who feel into the swimming pool at SPH on the 6 May at 8: 50?

On the 6 may at 8: 50 there was a breaking news.

Jordaan and feel into the swimming pool.

He slipped because he sliped on wet tiles.

Anctually its in the morning.

He get dry using an iron.

He was Jordaan an SPH student.

He is the track editor of JPEG radio.

He is smart.

He is a good track editor.
He cando many things

Senin, 05 Mei 2008

10 Things That I Have Learned

1. blogging

2. making g-mail

3. writing a mail

4. Typing

5. pray


7. talk

8. acrostic poem

9. eating and drinking

10. Playing

Senin, 28 April 2008


In JPEG, i'm going to be the reporter. I have to find the news in our school.
The news:

1. Making Charlotte's web farm in grade three class in
SPH. Yudhis

2. We won the choral reading competition at book week.

3. We went to Heart line radio station. Dennis

Senin, 21 April 2008

My office clothes for wedesday

I choose this costume and tie because I already have the costume in my house so that is why i'm going to wear it. picture that I put is what I will wear but it's not exactly what I will wear.

Senin, 14 April 2008

My Bookweek Character

Hi my name is darth vader, the evil person in starwars.
I choose darth vader because I like him.
I also like him because he has my favorite colour black.
I like him because he fite well.

Senin, 07 April 2008

Heartline radio

On wednesday, 2 of April I went to visited heartlin 100.6 fm. We went there by using a bus. In heartlin radio we asked question. We also went to the room for the anouncer.
We also met Pak. Jose, Miss. carlie, David Lee and Ibu Heartlin radio sation is in karawaci near UPH. We told the people what we wanted to be in front.
I asked around ten or seven question in heartline. We asked the questioned to miss carlie and David Lee. Miss carlie and David Lee told us many things about radio. Miss carlie and David Lee asked us many questions to us grade three and some of my class gets a price and I also get a price from David Lee and Miss Carlie.
My class and I recordbecaus mrs. Jane told us and Pak Jose reccord us. The class record what do they wanted to be like anouncer or president director. I'm a principled because i'm brave to go to the front and tell what i wanted to be.